petra2_thmbTuesday, Friday 3.00am – 00.30am

Pick-up from hotel early morning, drive for approx. 2 ½ hours to Taba dock to take the ferry boat at 7.30 am to Aqaba arriving at 8.45 am. Drive to Petra by bus for approx. 2 hours, where a 2-3 hour guided tour begins.

We enter Petra on foot through the Siq, a narrow, winding gorge over 1 kilometre in length. We visit the great Treasury (Al-Khazneh Farun) the Roman Theatre, the Royal Tombs (the Rainbow Tomb is a must for photographers), as well as hundreds of monuments, trichinous, an obelisks, all carved from the multi-shaded rose red sandstone. A walk through the colonnade of Roman Byzantine Petra brings us to the city centre for lunch. Afterwards, we continue our tour to the hill of Al-Habis (crowned with a crusader-era fort) for a breath-taking panoramic view of deep gullies and uniquely coloured rock formations.

Have lunch at the Movenpick Hotel, drive back to Aqaba at 6.45 pm, an hour free time for shopping, and then take the ferry at 7.30 pm back to Taba, drive back to Sharm to arrive after midnight. Drive back to Eilat with s/o for swim in the Dead Sea.


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